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So, What Exactly Is Invoice Factoring?

Simply put, we pay you today for what your clients owe you in the future.

We are not a bank, and this is not a loan. Once we agree to your client’s credit “risk worthiness”, we pay you right away (often times the very same day) and we collect from your client when their bill is due.

Major Benefits of Factoring your invoices



What could be better than getting your cash now? You need immediate cash for your valid invoices and we can provide just that.



No extended application and no credit process. We provide these services locally and take care of collecting payment from your client.



We can typically have your money ready for you the same day! We work as fast as we can because we know this is important for your business operations.



Banks can complicate things. We make it easy for you to access cash immediately
without a drawn out approval process.

Simply Put
We put Money back in your pocket 

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Why Wait? Get Started Today

More reasons

Business Solutions

Factoring makes it easy for you to immediately get the cash you need for operating expenses. Here are some more reasons why factoring may just be the best solution for your business:


  • Eliminate your worries about working capital
  • No reserves on most accounts
  • Same day funding
  • Instant credit information
  • No collection effort on your part
  • No hidden fees – all fees are outlined in our contract
  • Local company with local employees
  • Se habla Espanol
  • Personal Red Carpet treatment
  • Flexibility not afforded if you carry your own receivables
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More reasons

Easier than a Loan

It is much more simple than going to a bank and hoping they will extend credit for your needs. With Factoring, once we accept the invoice and advance your funds, we take over the mailing of the invoice and advance your funds, we take over the mailing of the invoice and collection of the receivables. There are no hidden fees, no monthly payments, and there is no time-consuming approval process. 

Your only risk comes if Dorado does NOT collect the invoice, or is incurring obstacles in the collection of the invoice(s). Then, and only then, do you become involved in the collection process.

Factoring involves the transfer of ownership of your accounts receivable, rather than a conventional loan.



How It Works

4 Easy Steps


Your Client's Credit Risk
At your request we will provide a credit check on your customer. If you decide your client is worthy of credit risk - and if we agree - we purchase the invoice.


We mail your invoice - You Get Paid
Dorado mails your invoice to the debtor. We give you a check equal to the value of the invoice minus any advance fee as outlined in our contract.


Prepare all documents as normal
You prepare your invoice to your customers, providing all back-ups, purchase orders, approvals, etc. On certain invoices of large value, we may contact the customer to verify information and invoice amount.


Dorado gets paid back
Your customer remits payment to Dorado, at our address in El Paso.

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Dorado Finance Ltd.

We are a full service factoring company servicing small and medium-size staffing, manufacturing, energy, medical supplies, transportation and distribution businesses that need access to immediate cash for valid invoices.