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Receive cash right now for your unpaid invoices!

No Reserve Requirement | Funding in Minutes | No Credit Necessary

We help business get faster access to their unpaid Cash

No Reserve Requirement | Funding in Minutes | No Credit Necessary


Dorado Finance Ltd.

Over 25 years of experience

We are a full service factoring company for all types of entrepreneurs, staffing firms, small and medium-size logistics businesses, manufacturing, and other B2B businesses - for companies that need  access to immediate cash for valid, unpaid invoices.

Why People are Choosing to

Factor their Invoices

Smart Idea

It is much more simple than going to bank and hoping they will extend credit for your needs. No hidden fees, no monthly payments, and no time-consuming approvals.


No More Searching

If your business is too new to get the credit you need, or if your bank is unable to finance you because your operating cash is tied up in receivables, then look no further because we are here to help you get immediate cash for your business.

Cash Now

With same day funding, you can eliminate your worries about working capital. No collection effort on your part. Just immediate cash in your bank account. 

Business Solution

Better alternative to lines of credit, loans and other traditional forms of financing. We service small and medium-sized businesses who need help getting immediate access to your cash. We have a solution for you. 

How It Works

4 Easy Steps


Your Client's Credit Risk
At your request we will provide a credit check on your customer. If you decide your client is worthy of credit risk - and if we agree - we purchase the invoice.


We mail your invoice - You Get Paid
Dorado mails your invoice to the debtor. We give you a check equal to the value of the invoice minus any advance fee as outlined in our contract.


Prepare all documents as normal
You prepare your invoice to your customers, providing all back-ups, purchase orders, approvals, etc. On certain invoices of large value, we may contact the customer to verify information and invoice amount.


Dorado gets paid back
Your customer remits payment to Dorado, at our address in El Paso.


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Invoice Factoring – Breaking It Down

Being a part of Dorado Finance is like being a part of our own family.

James Davis

We love the service and experience that Dorado has to offer. Someone always answers the phone and are quick to answer my questions.

Stephanie Rawson

Dorado Finance really understands my business and I feel like they are always in my corner and working for me.

Tyler Shaw

I love how much easier Dorado makes my life. I never have to worry about cash problems and I'm dealing straight with them rather an a bank.

Julio Banderas

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Dorado Finance Ltd.

We are a full service factoring company servicing small and medium-size staffing, manufacturing, energy, medical supplies, transportation and distribution businesses that need access to immediate cash for valid invoices.