Factoring Survey - Find out if Factoring is right for you


Just ask yourself a few simple questions.

Take this quick survey, and get IMMEDIATE CASH for your business.

  • Do you need immediate cash for inventory, payroll, repairs, or new equiptment?
  • Does your bank tell you they cannot finance your receivables?
  • Is your business too new to get the credit you need?
  • Do you find you can grow your business, but can't find the cash because your customers inhibit your cash flow?
  • Is all your operating cash tied up in Accounts Receivables?
  • Do you find you cannot wait 45-60, or more to get your money from work you have already performed?
  • Are you spending too much time trying to collect on invoices instead of focusing on growing your business and managing you employees?

Still have questions?

Check out or FAQ page for more answers to some common questions. You can also feel free to contact us with any other questions or concerns you may have. We are always here to help.

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